My Typical School Morning

A school day.  I awaken against my will to the kisses of our German Shepherd hours before I had to get up.

Ignoring her wouldn’t help – Lucy would cry and cry for me to get up and let her outside to lie in the first rays of sunshine. Continue reading My Typical School Morning


Pick Myself Up

This week I’m focusing on my self worth.  For a long time I’ve struggled with this without realizing.

I thought it was humble to think I was unworthy of spoiling myself with nice things.  After all, there are children starving in Africa, right?  It could be worse.

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To Parents: Because Family Makes A Difference

You.  You make a difference in your child’s life.

Parents, your children look up to you, they see you every day of your life.  You’re their role model – their provider.  You are the example for how life is to be lived and how situations are to be dealt with.

YOU have more impact on your child than you will ever know. Continue reading To Parents: Because Family Makes A Difference