A Tip For High School Grads

I cannot believe it is June already.  School is about to be out for most children, and so many friends have graduated this year.

It all reminds me of when I graduated from high school.  I was ready to take on the world and explore!

Now that I’ve been in college for three years, I am realizing there are some things I wish I knew before I entered college.   Here are some tips.

1. Seek Help

One good thing about college is it’s all about opportunities – and the purpose of college is to help you reach your goal.  If you’re interested or curious about a different school, subject, major, etc., don’t hesitate to ask someone!  Anytime a thought flew into my mind regarding my future, I would walk into my adviser’s office to talk it out and get his opinion.  It’s their job to help you, so make sure you use it!

2. Reach For Your Goals

Never think you can’t accomplish something just because you don’t have your Associate’s Degree yet.  You are young and energetic with goals and dreams.  Find what you love and look for opportunities within that field.  I’ve found that it’s helpful to find companies you would like to work for someday and try to meet with managers or founders of the company.  Let them know your goals and that you are searching for opportunities.  The least they can say is no; and even if employment isn’t an option, they may have some advice on what your next step should be in accomplishing your dream.

3. Contact Your College Roommate Before Moving In

This is important because you and your roommate will be two unique individuals.  It’s good to have an idea of who you’ll be living with for the next semester or year while studying.  See if you have anything in common.  Are you in the same major?  Why did you both choose your school?  Roommates can be lifelong best friends if you are compatible and start off on the right foot.  Contacting them also gives you the opportunity to figure out who should bring what to the living space – such as microwaves and trash cans.  Better to find out beforehand!

4. Think About What You Do/Don’t Want In Your Roommate Agreement 

Probably one of the most important steps.  Study yourself and figure out what you need/want in a roommate.  Think about what boundaries do you need to set for them.  Can they eat your food?  Can they touch/borrow your things without permission?  Can they talk to you while you’re studying?  Is partying/being loud permissible in the room?  Can they bring friends into your room?  Anything is fair game.  Whatever concern you have, bring it up and talk about it.  Better to get it out there in the open and understand each other’s boundaries than to have a frustrating situation on your hands later on.  (P.S.  If the roommate doesn’t abide by the agreement, talk to the Resident Adviser.)

5. Don’t Be Shy

It’s easy to be shy in middle school and high school, but I promise you college is different.  I’ve made good friends just by having lunch/dinner with random people from class.  From what I’ve experienced, people judge you less in college.  So have fun.  Go to festivals and events.  Go out.  Talk to people in your class, talk to your professors.  You never know if the next person you talk to will be a lifelong friend.

7. Failure Isn’t The End Of The World

It happens.  I remember I took an accounting class.  I had never been so proud of a “D” in my entire life – and that’s coming from a girl who was an A-B student in high school.  Sometimes things come up.  Sometimes we’re too stressed out.  Sometimes we get sick and can’t focus.  Life happens, and life continues.  The importance is in realizing that failure is okay.  We learn from failure, and it happens to the best of us.  Know that failure doesn’t define who you are.  Failure is what drives us to succeed.

8. Always Use ratemyprofessors.com

You’re welcome.  I just saved you years of randomly picking classes with professors you know nothing about.  Ratemyprofessors.com is a site I use every semester when I pick classes, and it can be a lifesaver.  All you have to do is type in the name of your professor and select the university you attend.  You will receive reviews from students who have taken classes with this professor.  It can be a real life saver.  Need an easy “A”?  Find out what professor is easier.  Want something more challenging?  Find a challenging professor.  It comes in handy when there are several sections of a class.  Believe me, you want to use this site always.  I’ve heard horror stories about professors…

Remember that you are now a High School Graduate!  Welcome to the adult world!

Most importantly, have fun in college.  Learn, grow, and make a difference in this world for the better.  Congratulations!

(Know a tip that I’ve missed?  Comment about it below!)

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