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The truth is: I'm defining myself as a person and writer. I hope to relate to others as I attempt to put my emotions and thoughts into words.

The Start of Fiction

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for about a year now…

When I was in middle school, I got a magazine subscription for a year.  It was age appropriate, and I devoured it.

A few months before the subscription ended, pieces of a story were published every month.  It was a short mystery Continue reading The Start of Fiction


Note To Self

What would you say to your past self?

I don’t know my answer.  Perhaps, I would say “Be more confident” or “Live in the present moment – not the future.”

For as much as the question is posed, people fail to flip it around.

What would you say to your future self?

For me, it’s simple.  I wouldn’t ask for any knowledge.  I don’t want to know how my life turned out or who I ended up marrying or how many children I possibly have.  Instead, I would say the following:

“You’ve finally made it!  I’m so proud of who you’ve become.  Look at all that you’ve accomplished.  Don’t worry about me because I’m still finding my way.  Have fun!  No regrets.  Be proud of who you are.”

Although I don’t know the future, I have faith in myself.

One thing I sometimes struggle with is looking back and realizing how much I had to deal with.  It hurts as though it were still in occurrence.

What is the purpose of feeling pain for a tragedy that has already occurred?  We do it every day, but why?  In remembrance – in honor of those who have passed.  But other than that, why rehash all the pain?

I remember things and view myself as another person – a child.  I have to remind myself that it was actually me.  That I felt these things.  It’s much easier to sympathize with this “child figure.”

Is there a benefit of pain other than growth and healing?  I doubt it.  Too often it welds bitterness into one’s soul.

And yet I wonder…

Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan keeps spinning.

If I were to die, if heaven were to fall, the blades would continue to pass as though it were nothing at all.

Cut through the wind, the worries, the ache of time.

Every fight in that room ended with my head on the ground and my eyes on the fan.

The chills of the aftermath left me shaking mercilessly.

My world is spinning. Someone slow me down.

A pungent gasp left my lips, and I closed my eyes.

Perhaps someday gravity will bring it to a halt, and I will stand on the brink of time and space, wishing for more.

Gods Wonder

Better than gold or silver?

No. Better than love or lust.

More enticing than control over the rain and storms.

A passion unknown by mortal beings.

Only gods are within the reach of the powerful infringement.

Who are you to say it’s a desire of yours?

You won’t back down you say? Well, then,

I suppose it’s only fair to grant permission for you

To catch a glimpse of the blinding treasure. 

War Raven

The wind blew its song through the feathers of the raven. 

The hallowed force of unstoppable talons traumatized foes.

Who dare change the winds?

Yea, surely as the passing of the tide,

The war will cease.

The wind will die down. 

The raven will land. 


There’s finally a right and finally a wrong. 

Though the least of men always knew

Because sorrows run like streams past islands

Of hope and despair. 

And just as easily as the river ran, it was transformed into an insightful radiance;

Serenity overflowing the cup of the mind.