To Parents: Because Family Makes A Difference

You.  You make a difference in your child’s life.

Parents, your children look up to you, they see you every day of your life.  You’re their role model – their provider.  You are the example for how life is to be lived and how situations are to be dealt with.

YOU have more impact on your child than you will ever know.Every day in elementary school, coming home was the highlight of my day because it was the time I would spend with Mom, telling her of all my adventures and the small victories of getting an “A.”

Even though I was small, and my life was uneventful, she acknowledged my emotions and sympathized when I was happy and sad.  I grew to love her as a best friend as I realized she was truly living life with me and being a resource for me.  Anytime I was confused, I could run to her.  She would help me fight my battles and would ask daily about my friends and the new dramas I encountered.

Living in a world where I changed schools every year, I learned quickly how important family was.  “Friends will come and go, but family is forever,” Mom would tell us anytime my siblings and I argued.  It wasn’t until high school that I realized she was right.  I may have thought at the age of five that my siblings were my mortal enemies for taking my toys, but time changed my perspective.  They were, are, and will always be there for me.

Parents, my perspective would never have changed if I was not taught how important family was.

When I got to high school, teachers were shocked to see how close my older brother and I were.  We took a couple classes together and teased each other.  It didn’t phase us one bit.  I didn’t realize that it was abnormal for siblings to get along.

Growing up, I only got closer to my family.

The immature days of “he stole my toy” wore off, and my siblings and I were able to joke more freely with one another and accept each other.  We became the closest of friends.

I grew closer to Mom also.  High school days were brutal.  Homework, working a job, dealing with peer pressure, and other typical high school norms were part of weekly discussion.  I was able to speak to Mom about my daily life without any pressure because, just like in elementary school, I knew she was there for me.

I would talk to teachers about my relationship with her and how close we were.  They were only amazed.  They would ask “How are you so close?” or say “I hope my daughter and I become that close.”

Honestly, I think just being a resource and a good friend are the most important, while maintaining the position of Mom and authoritative figure, of course.  Establishing the foundation of our relationship while I was young set the pace of our relationship for when I became a teen.

When I became interested in boys – I told her.  I didn’t find it strange to talk to her about it because I told here everything.  We would share thoughts and opinions.  As I grew, she would ask for my opinion on things and take my answers to heart.  She respected me as a friend and daughter and never looked down on me because of my age.

I honestly believe my family was crucial in my life.  Parents, I want you to know that even though there is no such thing as the perfect family, there is such a thing as a loving family.  I still have fun with my family to this day.  I would stay with them forever if I could.  We all love and support each other.  We have fun with each other.

Know that you are a crucial part of your child’s life.  Let your children know you are proud of them and want to spend time with them.  You are their resource.


One thought on “To Parents: Because Family Makes A Difference”

  1. My mom and I are close also. I believe her taking the time to listen to me when I was younger is the reason we are close today. It means so much to kids to know their parents really care and listen especially when they’re young.

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