Dear Christina Grimmie

I didn’t know you, but I knew of you.  Rest in peace, Christina Grimmie.

I’m one of the many fans who found the videos of you singing, competing.  I wanted to be like you.  I envied you.  You had such stamina and excitement, bold and fearless – a powerhouse on stage.

I woke up this morning and heard of your death.  I thought it was a hoax, but it proved to be true.  Rest in peace, Christina Grimmie.

As one of your fans, I want to thank you for living your life.  You were inspiring and beautiful.

You were living out the dream of myself and so many other young singers.  We were rooting for you.  Rest in peace.

When you accomplished your dream, it was as if we accomplished ours.  When we were struggling to meet our goals, we could be encouraged by the fact that you had met yours.  Fearlessly.

Thank you for being a light to your fans, not just in your faith, but also in your beautiful smile and character.

Rest in peace.


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