Please Judge Me

Everyone is making a big fuss about judging one another.  The majority of people are saying they don’t want to be judged.  This is why you should want to judge and to be judged.

There are articles going around about judging people based on their sexual orientation, their position on gun ownership, their presidential candidate of choice, and so on.  We say that we shouldn’t judge because, after all, this is America.  We are free to do what we want and have our own beliefs.  We shouldn’t treat anyone differently because of their differences.

But I believe we have taken this to the extreme.  We have gotten to a point where what we have been taught as children is now considered wrong in the eyes of society.

Have you ever called someone “Sir” or “Ma’am” only to hear a reply like “Don’t call me that, it makes me feel old!”  Some people take offense to what used to be considered a sign of respect.  WE ARE TAKING OFFENSE TO A SIGN OF RESPECT.

Why are they offensive?  Because we are judging them.  We are judging that they are worthy of the respect of such a title.  They don’t like to be judged.

Because of this, respectful generations who were taught to be respectful are now confused as to what society wants.  I know when I go out, sometimes I don’t know whether to call someone “Sir” or “Ma’am.”  Sometimes it can be hit or miss.  They’ll either love it or hate it.

I believe soon we will take this extreme further.  What if we see someone weeping on the street?  Do we stop and help?  Do we ask if they need anything or if anything is wrong?  You would think that we should because we see that they are hurting.

We see that they are hurting – a form of judgement.

We are judging them based on their actions.  They could take offense to this because it’s wrong to judge isn’t it?

If we see a child with bruised arms, do we try to help and see what’s wrong?  Asking because we feel sorry for them; because we want to help them.

Oh, but wait.  That would be judging them based off of their appearance.  We would be judging that they are in  a difficult or dangerous situation based on their appearance.

Why is society so afraid of judging?

If you see signs of someone hurting, you are judging that they are hurt.  You are judging them in order to help them.

Judging isn’t always a bad thing; it is often used to help.  But society has twisted the meaning of judgement.  What happened to the righteous and correct form of judgement?

It must be different because judging means treating someone differently, right?

But aren’t you treating a bruised child differently than others?  Yes, because you are showing them attention to figure out what has happened and how you can help.  Are we treating the weeping person differently?  Yes.  We don’t stop everyone on the sidewalk to ask what they’re going through and how we can help.

Like it or not, these are forms of judgement.  Americans have been trained to think that judging others is wrong when in reality people are saved because of it.  People are helped; children are taken out of dangerous situations, etc.

So judge me.  Because if I’m bruised, if I’m weeping, if I’m unable to help myself: I want someone to help me where I fail to help myself.


8 thoughts on “Please Judge Me”

  1. I love your naivete… there is a thin line that is often crossed by the judge, that lays between an abuse of power and pure judgement.

    I would carefully assume, you meant criticism, by the judgement. Judgement can create a positivepositive dynamics in competitions, maybe, yet not always.

    I ma not trying to be some patronizing dude, only expressing my oppinion on your brave post

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    1. I respect your opinion, and thank you for also being respectful. Perhaps I am a bit naive on the topic. My goal was only encourage the idea that it is not always wrong to act upon assumption. So many people are offended nowadays that it is brave to say anything at all.

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    2. I am afraid that assumptions are quite often based on some pre existing stereotypes, could be a quite setting off experience )) People are offended, because there always some who is ignorant enough to pity idiocy rather than dealing with the serious issues.

      You are absolutely, right

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