Dear Ladies, You’re Beautiful

We’re all different.  Some of us try to act tough.  Some are desperate for affection.  We want to be loved.

I want you to know you’re beautiful.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to the standards of this world.  We have obesity charts and weight loss plans.  There are make-up commercials everywhere.  But you’re beautiful.

It’s normal to want to be beautiful.  I used to walk down the street and wonder if I caught anyone’s eye.  I would wear makeup; I would make myself cute.  But some girls do so much more to get that extra glance.

I’m here to tell you the only one who can determine your beauty is you.  You are as beautiful as you believe you are.  No person can take that away from you.

Ladies, we should be sick and tired of trying to impress people with our looks and glamour.  We need to set down our lipsticks and realize that we don’t need to impress anyone.  We should look pretty because we want to.  Not because we want attention.

But it’s almost expected of us.  We watch our mothers swipe on their maskara and we dream of the day when we can do the same.  We want to be beautiful.  We want to be like our mothers.

But in many girls there’s a point when they change from being beautiful to wanting to change themselves to be beautiful.

I’m not saying make-up is wrong.  I’m not saying losing weight or wanting to be beautiful is wrong.  I’m saying that in many young women, the goal is altered.  We go from wanting to be beautiful because we are to wanting to be beautiful so society will see us as beautiful.

You are beautiful.

I’m saying everyone is beautiful.  We don’t have to try to impress people because that’s not what it’s about.  Look beautiful because you are beautiful.  Wear make-up because you want to.  Get fit if you want to.  But there should be no reason that we should encourage young ladies or anyone to look a certain way to receive attention and affection.

When I was a senior in high school, I got into the high-heel phase.  I thought they were cute, I loved how I looked in them.  When walking to class one day, a friend stopped me.

“Who are you trying to impress?” she asked, jokingly.

“No one,” I said.  “I’m wearing these because I want to.”

I know this may seem like nothing – just two lines of dialogue between high schoolers.  But this is reality.  When did looking beautiful mean we were trying to impress someone?

Bottom line – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I cannot express it enough.  Even in the morning when you wake up with messy hair, smeared make-up, and drool on the pillow – you are beautiful.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  You don’t have to change yourself to be beautiful, because you already are.  Realize how beautiful you are, and soon enough, others will realize it, too.


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