Stop. Smell A Rose.

Stop.  Now take a breath and smile.

Sometimes we reach a point when we realize we’re trying to do everything – perhaps even too much.

Never become so caught up in succeeding that you forget to stop and smile.I used to be a workaholic.  That may sound strange coming from a college student.  This is my time to be living right?

Wrong.  In fact, for a good portion of my life, I wanted to do more.  I wanted to stand out, to gain experience, to build that resume.

“If I work harder today, I can have a better future to relax in,” I would think to myself.  This is true to an extent, but I would spend so much effort building up for a better tomorrow that I forgot to sit back and enjoy today.

It’s easier to do than you might think.  In today’s world, we are in constant motion.  There are few people who set aside time for themselves.  It is easy to watch time fly without stopping to enjoy it.

One day I realized that it’s not fun to always live in the future.  I can still work hard in anticipation of a successful future.  But today is a day I’m never going to get back.  I’m not guaranteed tomorrow.

I learned that it’s important to enjoy each and every moment.  Each second that slips by is a second that won’t be repeated.  It’s okay to take a moment to enjoy life.  Take a breath.  Smile.


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