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Flat Tire

The other day I stopped at the car shop to get my car fixed – something minor.  The owner and his wife were there.

“So I hear you’re moving home,” the owner said.  It was more of a question than a statement.

“I am,” I replied and assumed he would leave it at that.  Instead, he stood and stared, knowing there was more to the story.  The room was quiet with anticipation.

It wasn’t like I was hiding anything.  I told them about my anxiety, how the tension in my muscles would lead to throwing up and lack of eating.

Instantly the atmosphere changed.  His wife put her hands over her mouth and made soft gasps at my explanation.  I learned she also suffered from anxiety – an awful fate for anyone.

We sympathized with one another.  Within minutes my car was fixed, and I made my journey to my old apartment to pack.  Who would have known that I would break down on the way there. . .

I was alone in my vehicle on the highway, halfway to my destination when suddenly the car started making sounds.  I pulled over to check everything, but nothing seemed to be out of order.  Nonetheless, I couldn’t move the car at all without a terrifying bumping in the tires.  Thank God I was right at an exit.

I slowly edged my car up the ramp and to the gas station at the corner.  I had been on this exit before – a nice little country town.

Turned out I had a flat tire.  Who would have known?  And I’m not just talking about a little hole in a tire, I mean that thing was slashed.  I have no idea how that happened.

But once again, God pulled through.  Two nice gentleman offered to change the tire for me and put on the spare.  Their names were Ron and Don.  They were so nice and didn’t ask for anything in return.  They just wanted to help.

Within an hour or so I was back at the car shop, showing my bad tire to the owner.

“Oh, you poor thing,” his wife said.  “No wonder you have anxiety.”

Why share this story?  I wanted to show how bad this situation could have been.  A young defenseless girl alone on a highway with a flat she doesn’t know how to fix.  Just happens to be near a familiar town; just happens to find nice people to help her.  Doesn’t feel threatened or scared.  Doesn’t experience a panic attack.  All is well in the end.

I want to thank God for taking care of me.  He always takes care of me.  So much could have been different about this day, but I’m safe.

What the wife said really made me think.  “No wonder you have anxiety.”  I don’t choose to have anxiety, but it has really humbled me in so many areas.  I’m thankful for the little things that I never affected me before.  I’m thankful for kind people.  I’m thankful for the days I live without panic.  I’m thankful for my safety.  I’m thankful for life.


A Piece of My Story – My Class Ignored Me

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started going to counseling.  This week we hit a topic that is really close to my heart, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

When I was younger, I had a hard time making friends.  Some might say I was bullied, but I would say I was ignored.  I remember coming home one day in middle school and telling Mum I would prefer for people to treat me negatively because at least then they would notice me.

Any bullying story is difficult to go through, so I’ll try not to make this one too difficult.   Continue reading A Piece of My Story – My Class Ignored Me

My Spiritual Walk and Counseling

The thing about writers is we always try to find something worth while to bring to our readers.  What will bring more people to our content?  What will make people want to engage?

I’m trying to sway my focus away from the number of hits my blog gets and turn it into something more personal – something genuine – so please bear with me as I make this transition.

So, what’s new with me?

I recently started going to counseling, and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s such a blessing to be able to have time dedicated every week to working out one’s thoughts and perspectives.   Continue reading My Spiritual Walk and Counseling

From Bedrest To Cleaning The House

You would not believe how excited I am.  Over the past six months there were a couple of weeks when I could hardly get out of bed due to the way I was feeling.  Just walking from the bed to the bathroom would bring on heart palpitations which would last for hours.  I would become out of breath practically unable to move.

Now I feel great!  Not quite 100%, but I can at least live life more normally.  Continue reading From Bedrest To Cleaning The House

I’m The Hero

I’ve awoken from a terrible nightmare.

But it turns out that it is reality, and

I am the hero in the story of my life.

I must battle wrongdoers with wit,

Conquer my fears, and befriend my foes.

I’m the hero.

Not Depressed Anymore

Hello Everyone 🙂

So I’ve had a bit of a rough last few weeks (which is why recent content has been rather depressing).  I apologize for the melancholy mood.  It’s just that I’ve been struggling with depression, and writing is a good outlet for me.  Why was I depressed?  Well…   Continue reading Not Depressed Anymore