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I looked at my feet and suddenly didn’t recognize

Who I was, Where I was going.

What direction were they taking me in?

“Turn back, turn back!” my Heart cried;

But they whispered in response,

“Don’t worry about the next step you take, but rather how you will respond to it.”


You Are Loved

You’re loved – No,

You’re adored.

I’m  sorry for all the things that have hurt you,

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From Bedrest To Cleaning The House

You would not believe how excited I am.  Over the past six months there were a couple of weeks when I could hardly get out of bed due to the way I was feeling.  Just walking from the bed to the bathroom would bring on heart palpitations which would last for hours.  I would become out of breath practically unable to move.

Now I feel great!  Not quite 100%, but I can at least live life more normally.  Continue reading From Bedrest To Cleaning The House

The Lion

Artwork provided by Sarang Khanna.  For more information on this piece, please scroll to the end of the poem.

He comes.

He stalks.

He chooses his prey.

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