The Lion

Artwork provided by Sarang Khanna.  For more information on this piece, please scroll to the end of the poem.

He comes.

He stalks.

He chooses his prey.

If you were to pray, He would come your way.

As bold and enticing and mysterious You are;

Dear Lion, have you ever heard of love?

I heard of you and was once afraid,

But with one gaze into your eyes, I am forever lost

In an abyss of wonder.  In a trance

Brought about by your glorious coat of many colors.

This artwork was provided by Artist Sarang Khanna from “Wall of Wonders”.  This particular piece is called “The Lion” and was drawn using colored pencils.  I encourage you to visit his website “Wall of Wonders” to view some of his other amazing pieces.  (Click Here to visit “Wall of Wonders.”)


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