11 thoughts on “Adoption”

  1. Very nice poem, can I ask have you adopted outside of your Race, just because I have a post about this. It would be interesting to know your thoughts 😃

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    1. I never have adopted, nor am I in a position where I can adopt right now. It has always been my dream. If you look at my About page it explains a bit more. I’ve always wanted to help orphans. I especially want to go to Africa and India to establish orphanages as well as in my home country – the United States. I would love to adopt, and I hope I’m able to do so someday. (Honestly, race doesn’t matter to me. Diversity is beautiful.)

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    2. That’s an amazing thing you want to do and sounds like it’s for genuine reasons which is all that matters. I think some people go into it half heartedly and that’s where problems can arise. Good luck with everything 😃

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