All Your Faults

It was over.  I said it was over.

But if that’s the reality, why does it still

Run through my mind like poison rushing

Through the veins of its victim.

Nightmares haunted me.

I used to dream of you in blissful rest,

But now I am awakened by sickening false encounters.

I don’t understand.

I found ways to blame you, to pinpoint

All your faults and prove that it wasn’t my fault,

And yet. . .

And yet I think of meeting with you again.

Yes, despite the hauntings and the pain that lingers on

I think of meeting with you once more.

Perhaps you’ve changed.

Perhaps it wasn’t your fault at all.

Perhaps it was my fault.

But when I voice my intentions, I am brought back to the reality

Of the pain that still torments me

And my broken heart.

You hurt me, after all.


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