My Hero

I sat and stared at the sword in the stone-

At the many men who tried to grasp and tug.

Oftentimes I wondered if it was possible for someone

As young as I to try such a task.

I walked up to the stone and stretched in preparation,

But the laughs of the men behind me – those who had suffered defeat –

Urged me to give up before I tried, and I walked away.


You alone stood there and saw the scene,

How my dreams were crushed by those who

Knew not my strength;

Who judged me based on looks and age alone.


You came after me and lifted my chin.

You told me of the prophesies and legends;

You said that was meant to happen indeed would,

With or without the scoffing of cowards.


After your pleading, I returned to the scene to see that

More eligible young men had failed.

I became nervous, but one look at you and your steady gaze kept me strong.


I walked again to the stone.

With hands placed firmly

And no eye averting

I pulled the sword.


A hero now in everyone’s eyes.

But I know the true hero is you.



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