Dear Youth: This Is Your Time

This week I’m focusing on “Uprising Youth.”  Being a youthful person myself, I know how difficult it is to have the same independence and stature as others when you look so young.

When I started my job as a reporter, I would handle myself as a professional, making phone calls and scheduling my own interviews.  It was so fun!  What I didn’t enjoy was my interviewees’ reactions when they met with me face to face.  

“You look so young!  Do you go to our high school?”

Once I went to an interview and was preparing to tell them where I went to university (since I was also a full-time student at the time).  My efforts were in vain as I got interrupted.

“I’m a junior at-”

“Oh, at the high school, right?”


It really started to bother me when it interfered with my work.  Once when doing my job, my boss received a complaint because a client thought I was too young for the position.  I was 18 at the time and perfectly capable.

People fail to realize the power of youth.  We are the reason the world keeps changing; we are the ones who inspire, invent, and innovate from a young age.  And yet, there are so many obstacles we must overcome to receive equality in the eyes of our superiors.

Like it or not, young people are individuals, too.  The uprising youth are the ones who determine the course of society and our future.

And we must have the confidence it takes to achieve our goals.

People will always look down upon us for our age, our looks, our worldview; but our advantage is that we offer the world fresh perspectives.  We have the energy and the motives to change the world.

This is our time.

This is YOUR TIME.

I urge you to dream big, to reach for the stars.  Don’t let the flustered despair of others bring you down.

“You can’t do it. . . Maybe when you’re older. . .”

I’m telling you YOU CAN DO IT!  Never settle.  Dig for answers; find your calling.  This is your time to shine.

There is an instance in the Bible when Jesus calls on children and tells those around Him to let them come to Him – that others should take on the heart of a child when they come to Him.

Why does Jesus do this?  Because children are magical.  Youth are spectacular in a way that others aren’t.  Youth are able to dream and see their dreams become reality.  They are able to say that the impossible is possible.  Their drive is something unlike those whose youthful days have passed.

So stand up Youth!  In this day and age, You can do anything.  Shoot for the stars and let nothing hold you back.


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