Tribute To Greg


You met with me when I had questions.  When I was yearning.  I wanted to learn, and

You took me under your wing, Hesitantly. I proved my worth, and

You respected me as a person.

You Fathered me;

You took me out for coffee.  We talked of articles, and I showed

You the pictures I had taken of a house fire and such.

You encouraged me.

You said I had talent.

You said I should keep writing, that I had potential.  I would wander into your office, and

You would hug me and show off your silly plaid socks.

You would guide me through an interview; Me in my nice dress,

You in your overalls.  It always made me laugh.

You brought life into my world.

You were a mentor and friend.  I wish

You could have stayed.  But

You’re an Angel now.


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