When I was a babe you entered me.

I couldn’t understand,

I was innocent.

You never left me,

You made your home inside of me

And nested.

We grew together, though I was naive of

Your existence.

I didn’t realize what a pain you were,

How you were affecting me;

I became tired and weary.

My friends surpassed me and exhaustion overtook me.

I welcomed Sleep, but you scared her away.

When I became older, I began to understand what you were,

I realized you were the source of my weariness;

My tired, aching body was what kept you alive.

Your toxins filled my bloodstream;

At times I feared you would leave me for dead.

But you kept me alive just enough for you to live off of


You kept me in bed.  To move meant to lose my breath.

You stole what was rightfully mine:

My freedom.  My body.

I can’t escape you, but try I must

Because I can no longer bear the burden

Of being tired



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