Beach Vacay (With Pics)

I love coming to the beach.  I’ve come at least once a year for the entirety of my being.  It’s so relaxing to sit in the sun and let the salty breeze envelope you with the taste of the ocean.

I go to a pier early in the morning to see the sunrise.  It’s breathtaking.  More beautiful than I expect.


It is just after 6 in the morning, but the pier is filled with fishermen within minutes.  They don’t seem to be catching much, but I am fascinated by the amount of jellyfish in the water.  There are so many just a couple hundred feet from the shore!  Some of them move quickly through the water, dodging the fishermen’s hooks.

After a few hours, I leave the pier.  Adventures call my name elsewhere.  My prime location allows me to walk nearly everywhere.



I just happen to walk past an Italian Ice shop.  As I wait for my chocolate ice, I spot the chalk they have out for customers to use.  Who says chalk is just for kids?


At the end of the day, I return to the pier for some night time fun.

I love watching the diversity of people all sharing a common interest – the ocean.  There must be a couple hundred people on the pier, at least.

The highlight of the night is when someone catches a small stingray.  I’m not able to get a fantastic picture, but it was a sight to behold.

Overall, it was a very beautiful and relaxing day.


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