How deep is too deep?

I can’t help but wonder as I get lost into thought.  I’m still focusing on mental health this week and having revelation after revelation about myself.

I’m realizing the root of my insecurities, the memories behind my own discouragements.  Above all, I’m discovering the truth about myself – that I don’t have to continue living with this “fear of man.”

The fear of man.  It has an effect on so many people.  When I say fear of man, I don’t necessarily mean men, but humanity in general.

In my high school English class, I learned that there is conflict in every story.  Every conflict is one of three:

  1. Man vs God
  2. Man vs Man
  3. Man vs Self

Man vs God is when the character is conflicting with a force higher with himself/herself.  Man vs Man is conflict with other people, and Man vs Self is conflict with one’s self.

Like novels and stories, these conflicts carry over into real life.  My fear of man falls under Man vs Man and Man vs Self.

Man vs Man.  I am afraid of what others think of me.  I feel like I am against the world because I have to prove something.  I let the opinion of others affect me to the extreme.

Man vs Self.  This conflict transfers to my mind, because it is a mindset.  I lack the confidence to live without being concerned about other people’s thoughts.

How do I solve my conflicts?

A lot of prayer.  It’s difficult to overcome, but it is possible.  I’m gaining confidence as I find things to love about myself and realize that I’ll never be able to please everyone I come into contact with.

Sometimes I’ll stare at myself in the mirror and tell myself I’m beautiful.  Sometimes if I feel the weight of someone’s disapproval, I’ll repeat to myself that it isn’t their opinion that matters.

What does matter is my identity in Christ.  I am loved.  I am beautiful.  I am unashamed.

Here is a list I found online of encouragements backed up by scripture (Click Here).  Many times it helps me to look at how Christ sees me, so I can learn how to see myself.  Repeat it to yourself.  Leave scripture notes on your wall in your room.  Do what you have to do to know that you are worthy and loved.  Stay blessed my friends!


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