My Home, My Food

One thing that really concerned me when I first moved was the fact that I would have to make my own food.  This was a growing concern until I realized, I pretty much made my own food anyways!

It’s been interesting going to the grocery store and only buying food for myself.  This is coming from a small town girl with four children in the family.

Anytime I made dinner growing up, I had to be sure to make PLENTY of leftovers or run the risk of being beaten to seconds by ravenous brothers!

It is quite lovely in a sense.  I am able to see what my wants and needs are without any influence.  So far I’ve found that I’m a really healthy eater!

When I lived with my family, if someone was stress-eating, WE WERE ALL STRESS-EATING!!!  We just couldn’t help ourselves.  The aromas of popcorn, chocolate, cookies, or whatever would emit from the kitchen.  We all knew someone in the house was stressed, so we would take fun joining them in their indulgence!  It’s interesting to see how few sweets I crave when aromas aren’t wafting through the kitchen.

The most difficult part of making my own food is not eating with anyone.  I don’t mind being alone, but I get so easily distracted.  I don’t think I’ve eaten one complete meal at my new home without getting up to do something.  Usually, I’ll take a bite and then a tune will pop into my head.  So, I’ll head on over to the keyboard to see if I can play it.  After five minutes, I’m back at the dinner table!  Whenever I ate with my family, I would always be polite and finish dinner before leaving the table.  I need to get back into that routine!

Today I went to the grocery store and decided to humor my inner-child.  I bought dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.  So much for being healthy!  Thankfully, I’m at a place where I can afford to buy such luxuries.  There are too many college students who are strictly bound to buying only the necessities of life.

Tomorrow I go to spend time with friends at the beach.  After spending the entire week alone, I am really looking forward to some camaraderie – and some good food!

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